sans cowbell

Written by Donald \’Buck Dharma\’ Roeser.

\”Agents of Fortune\” line-up: Eric Bloom: vocals, guitar, keyboards, percussion, cowbell; Albert Bouchard: drums, vocals, acoustic guitar, percussion, harmonica; Donald Roeser: synthesizer, guitar, percussion, keyboards, vocals; Joe Bouchard: bass, guitar, piano, vocals; Allen Lanier: bass, guitar, keyboards.

Patti Smith: guest vocals (\”Vera Gemini\”); Randy Brecker & Michael Brecker: horns.

Produced by Sandy Pearlman.

BLUE ÖYSTER CULT: (DON\’T FEAR) THE REAPER [BUCK DHARMA ORIGINAL 4-TRACK HOME DEMO VERSION] from \”Agents Of Fortune (Remastered + Bonus Tracks)\” CD (Columbia/Sony) 1976/2001 (US)


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