sans palmolive, without lubrication

Anyhow. The game is afoot. Events have been set in motion.

A piper, even, has been procured; a splendid Portuguese busker on Spanish pipes who kindly agreed to step by and bless the ceremony. Far better a relaxed Iberian note than the spectacle of pomp and circumstance. A far more colourful route to travel than booking a complete stranger through any agency, I would suggest. It rained abysmally in the moments of my asking him if he had ever done a wedding gig. He carefully flicked a raindrop off the display on his cellphone as we swapped numbers and made sure we were not about to drag him on to the steps of a church. A man of the cloth, his tartan was wholly black. Without stripe or accent.

\”Pipers are much like the rain in Scotland,\” he said. \”One can always be assured we will be there.\”

I have not stepped foot in Portugal for quite some time. Twenty years, in fact. Give or take a downpour. From his tattoo I took him to be a man of his word.

Tessa Pollitt: bass; Ari Up: drums, vocals; Viv Albertine: guitar; Steve Beresford: keyboards; Bruce Smith: drums.

THE SLITS: EARTH BEAT / WEDDING SONG from \”The Peel Sessions\” CD (Strange Fruit) 1998 (UK)


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