sepultura: blood-rooted

team sepultura.

Formed in the affluent industrial capital of Minas Gerais, Belo Horizonte, in 1984, this is the last Sepultura album to feature original singer, Max Cavalera, who left in December, 1996 (to be replaced by American boy, Derrick Green) after the rest of the band unanimously jettisoned Gloria Cavalera – his wife – from her fiendishly manipulative role as manager.

Yet another Latin American coup, but bloodless in spite of the hype.

Featuring Max Cavalera on vocals and rhythm guitar; Andreas Kisser, lead guitar; Paulo Jr. on bass; and Igor Cavalera on drums.

Ludicrously juvenile, and just as heavy on the macho posturing as on the pedal, this is nonetheless some kind of fun. The album is a mixed bag of previously unreleased studio takes, b-sides, remixes and some genuinely thrilling live recordings. Thrash Metal from the other side of the border.

Stick with the Sabbath cover and you will be rewarded with some uncharacteristically noodly guitar. It\’s really quite delightful. No kidding.

SEPULTURA: ROOTS BLOODY ROOTS (DEMO VERSION) from \”Blood-Rooted\” CD (Roadrunner) 1997 (Brazil)

SEPULTURA: SYMPTOM OF THE UNIVERSE from \”Blood-Rooted\” CD (Roadrunner) 1997 (Brazil) PURCHASE BLOOD-ROOTED


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