serge gainsbourg & ms. bardot

Arthur Penn\’s 1967 magnum opus.

Another outing for Serge here, this time with euro icon Brigitte Bardot along for the ride. Arthur Penn\’s glamorised portrayal of Bonnie Parker and Clyde Barrow\’s own suicidal ride into bullet riddled oblivion was a huge international hit slap bang in the middle of the summer of love, of course, and Serge Gainsbourg was far from immune to its charm.

I mentioned to Emmett previously that I considered Serge\’s regular forays into extended play – from 1970 on – to be among his best, but this is the 45 and album stealer which, for me, mapped out disco territory writ large long before it filtered down to Studio 54.

The go-go backing on this one is dazzling. A cocaine infused incitement to get onto the dance floor and sparkle.

Miles Davis was a genius. Serge Gainsbourg was an inspiration.

SERGE GAINSBOURG: BONNIE & CLYDE from \”Initials B.B.\” LP (Philips) 1968 (France)


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