shang a lang

an early incarnation of the bay city rollers, circa 1971. prior to the arrival of les mckeown in \’73 on vocals and plaid. \”There are claims that the group sold 100-300 million records and generated the equivalent of £5 billion in revenue, with the band members themselves earning very little. According to BBC they sold 70 million records.\”

From the sublime content of the previous post, to the palpably crass and ridiculous. Produced and written by Bill Martin and Phil Coulter. Dross from the ashes of the group originally formed in Edinburgh, Scotland in 1969 with Pilot\’s David Paton and Billy Lyall.

Alan Longmuir (Bass guitar, accordian, piano); Leslie Richard McKeown (Lead vocals, guitar); Eric Faulkner (Guitar, violin, mandolin, bass); Derek Longmuir (Drums, congas, tambourine); Stuart \’Woody\’ Wood (Guitar, bass, piano, mandolin)

And if you believe the above \’official\’ instrumentation credits, you are obviously witless enough to buy Bush and Brown\’s financial bail-out.

A big influence on NYC\’s Ramones, however, who settled on a formula cleanly stripped back to guitar, bass, drums and vocals, and cut their cloth accordingly. An invaluable lesson certain CEOs might do well to consider as they continue to sit on in the greater scheme of things.

Without recourse to mendacious attempts at ill-fitting embroidery. PURCHASE ROLLIN\’ REMASTERED


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