sherbet: howzat

EPC 4574 .

Soft Rock from Sydney, Australia. I always liked this, but Climax Blues Band won the toss that particular weekend when it came to laying out the cash for a single. Unlikely as it seems. \”English-born guitarist Clive Shakespeare formed the original Sherbet in April 1969, combining the remnants of his earlier group, Downtown Roll Band, and another band, Clapham Junction.\”

Tony Mitchell (Bass); Alan Sandow (Drums); Daryl Braithwaite (Vocals); Harvey James (Guitar); Garth Porter (Keyboards).

Written by Garth Porter and Tony Mitchell. Produced by Richard Lush and Sherbet.

The perfect soundtrack to a cocaine deal gone sour.

SHERBET: HOWZAT from \”Howzat b/w Motor Of Love\” 45 (Epic) 1976 (Australia)



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