sibling whispers #3: jon\’s place

A comment I left over at Jon\’s place.

(Check out the original great commentary sparring between Jon and Mr. Beer N. Hockey on Dope City Free Press which prompted Jon\’s post.)

I imagine writers in the pre micro chip era would have pawned their false teeth just to be able to publish their shit at the push of a button, and have it instantaneously transmitted half way round the globe and back without ever seeing a rejection slip drop through the mail.


And then they would sit back and uncap a cold one and think, \”Wait a minute. Where\’s my fucking advance ?\”

There\’s always a drawback. Always something to get pissed about.

Well, at least I\’m rid of Silliman.

My site was beginning to look like the yellow pages in my minds eye, all one way traffic and collegiate boards clinking champagne glasses on the Obama Campaign Trail at the other end.

I post \”fuck y\’all\” on my site and try not to think I must look embittered and complaining.

That\’s the good thing about blogging. You watch the new eat up the old. It\’s a seamless ream of virtual paper running away from yesterday.


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