sibling whispers # ?: relix new psych mix

from a photograph by don snyder: ultraviolet / black light paintings, us co. church audiovisual temple, garnerville, new york.

The latest issue of (now) NYC based Relix magazine – originaly launched in 1974 as the definitive periodical for Grateful Dead and associated \”exploratory music\” from the San Francisco Bay Area – hits the newsstands this coming April with ruthlessly sustained coverage of the thriving New Psychedelic underground.

Sibling, Richard B. Simon – Scorp10n Bowl agitator and contributing Relix editor – seals the deal with a sparkling assembly of hallucinatory overload available online; a marathon two and a half hour playlist encompassing the fractured trip of Wooden Shjips to the full-on fractal chaos of Acid Mother\’s Temple.

A comprehensive exploration of space and time involving 24 disparate identities; cooperatives; and purposely obtuse finks. My brotherhood. Lend your ear here.

\”Where you come from is gone. Where you thought you were going to ? Weren\’t never there.\” BIG STICK: DRAG RACING from \”Drag Racing b/w Hell On Earth\” 45 (Recess) 1986 (US)


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