silver tongues and crosses

Kings of the Bay Area, \”Maiden of the Cancer Moon\” is second guitarist Gary Duncan\’s crowning achievement; building seamlessly into the epic, \”Calvary\”, which is given its definitive \’reading\’ live in the studio coming up on acid, laid bare at Golden State Recorders, San Francisco on November 19th, 1968.

Reap it and weep.

This is communion with more concrete seals than wafers or fish on the tongue.

Gary Duncan: guitar; Greg Elmore: drums; David Freiberg: bass.

QUICKSILVER MESSENGER SERVICE: MAIDEN OF THE CANCER MOON from \”Happy Trails\” LP (Capitol) 1969 (US) QUICKSILVER MESSENGER SERVICE: CALVARY (LIVE 19/11/68) from \”Happy Trails\” LP (Capitol) 1969 (US)


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