It seems a tad obvious, granted.

Issued on December 20th, 1972, this was the Residents\’ festive ever self release on Ralph Records. 500 copies in total, deliberately misnumbered with their silk-screened sleeves hand-folded and glued flat before the varnish had the opportunity to dry.

\”Santa Dog\’s a Jesus foetus… has no presence, has no presence in the future.\”

Side 1: Ivory & The Braineaters – Fire. Side 2: The College Walkers – Explosion. Side 3: Delta Nudes – Lightning. Side 4: Arf & Omega featuring The Singing Lawnchairs – Aircraft Damage.

\”Strange titles until you realise the whole thing is designed to look like a gift/greeting card from an insurance company. President Nixon refused his copy, confirmation of his basically evil nature if it was needed.\”

THE RESIDENTS: FIRE from \”Santa Dog\” 2 x 45 (Ralph) 1972 (US) OUT OF PRINT


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