skirting boards and death watch beetles

\”dynastidae\”. photograph by insect lab.

Continuing in the insect vein, briefly. Howard Devoto, of course, was originally Pete Shelley\’s partner in crime in the Buzzcocks for the blink of an eye – on their self-financed \”Spiral Scratch\” debut EP – before parting company to launch (or empty) a fully loaded Magazine on an unsuspecting public.

As a consequence of my abiding resistance to wall to wall carpeting, I have always viewed this particular song with some affection. In production terms it has dated less favourably, perhaps, than more durable shadowy moments from their excellent second LP, \”Second Hand Daylight\” – featuring \”Rhythm Of Cruelty\”; \”Back To Nature\”; and \”You Never Knew Me\”, to name but three – or album #1, \”Real Life\”, which contained \”The Light Pours Out Of Me\”, but from the very first this single had \’hit\’ stamped all over it. Howard Devoto: vocals; John McGeoch: guitar; John Doyle: drums; Barry Adamson: bass; Dave Formula: keyboards. With additional backing vocals by Magazine and Laura Teresa.

Recorded in December, 1979 and released in February 1980 on 45rpm – VS 321 – this was produced by Martin Hannett.

MAGAZINE: A SONG FROM UNDER THE FLOORBOARDS from \”The Correct Use Of Soap\” LP (Virgin) 1980 (UK)



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