small and stately

File next to Them\’s \”Gloria\” for maximum agitation. For Small Faces\’ completists, there exists a live session version of the same song recorded for the BBC which seriously rivals the definitive Decca release in raw energy and sinewy bubblegum snapping arrogance. I can think of only a fistful of prime Small Faces numbers which do not at the very least threaten 3rd degree violence. Or the promise of a slap. Not so much domestic abuse, per se, as antisocial loitering. With intent.

\”According to Kay Marriott, Steve\’s mother, Steve wrote this song about his split with ex-fiancee Sue Oliver, though first wife Jenny Rylance states that Marriott told her he wrote the song for her as a result of her split with Rod Stewart. Both statements are said to be correct.\” I want to see your mum in hot pants, motherf@cker. It\’s in my freekin\’ blood. The smell of damp nylon on rainy Mondays. The crackle of heat and testosterone fueled impatience. Throw all the flowers on the fire and break out the wine.

The towels are in the wash and the baby is hungry. It\’s just spilled milk and aspiration. Unpaid bills and shopping for pacifiers. Scratching a dire f@cking itch.

Written by Steve Marriott and Ronnie Lane. Produced by Don Arden.

SMALL FACES: ALL OR NOTHING from \”All Or Nothing b/w Understanding\” 45 (Decca) 1966 (UK)


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