smile a little smile

Delightful schmaltz from the UK production / songwriting partnership between Tony Macaulay and Geoff Stevens; better known through their association with The Foundations – \”Build Me Up, Buttercup\” – and Pinkerton\’s Assorted Colours.

Owing a massive one farthing debt to \”Penny Lane\” era woodwind flourishes and cow lashed McCartney-isms, one also harbors a secret admiration for the way the middle eight almost meanders off through the overspill of trash cans from Ray Davies\’ \”Dead End Street\”. A little piece of uniquely shameless English whimsy.

Tony Newman: vocals, guitars;

Steve Jones: guitars, vocals;

photograph by alex waterford hayward.

THE FLYING MACHINE: SMILE A LITTLE SMILE FOR ME (MONO) from \”Smile A Little Smile For Me b/w Maybe We\’ve Been Loving Too Long\” 45 (PYE) 1969 (UK)


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