snow, what f@cking snow ?*

Oh yeah. And somebody – somewhere – mentioned to me it was Christmas. Is that right ? By my calendar it\’s still December 8th.

F@ck Billy Bob Thornton. Next thing you know, we\’ll all be getting sentimentally dewy eyed over Bill Murray\’s million dollar panto turn in \”Scrooged\”.

What a load of shit. I\’m always getting caught on the yuletide hop.

My watch is broke, I\’m unprepared, and people babble about elves ?

Show me Angelina Jolie\’s pussy and I may just yet crack a smile. Then again, maybe not. I am not in the f@ckin\’ mood. * Currently, the skies are too clear, and the overnight temperatures too cold here, for snow to be viable. Not much in the way of cocaine either, but – as always – ice is freely available from those vendors desperate enough to loiter outdoors.

WILLIAM S. BURROUGHS: THE \’PRIEST\’ THEY CALLED HIM from \”The \’Priest\’ They Called Him\” 10\” EP (Tim Kerr) 1993 (US)



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