some kind of hollocaust [reduxe]

Without exaggeration, the sound of the original Amon Düül is of communal exorcism. A vast communal dirge of tribal stomping; self eviscaration; and the channeling of the ancestral dead.

It should not be confused with the progressive experimentation of Amon Düül II, the splinter cooperative responsible for the Liberty issued \”Phallus Dei\” (in that same year); \”Yeti\” (1972); and a host of Planet Gong inspired studio embellishments and proto Lydonish utterances. Amon Düül, I, is what huddles at the source of the fictional \”Nung\” river of Kurtz\’s \”Heart of Darkness\”.

\”Kaskados Minneleid\” is a pastoral recouping in the glow of the seventeen minute insurgence which is \”Ein Wunderhübsches Mädchen Träumt von Sandosa\”, an uncontained riot presided over by shamans intent on invoking a violence the Velvet Underground were too aloof or listless to persist with. 

A primal trance where a deified Maureen Tucker watches over a bloodied sisterhood backlit by torches. Flesh for the vat. Flints in the ashes.

The original Amon Düül were responsible for just three releases between 1969 and 1971, culminating in \”Disaster\”.

All three albums allegendly spring from one epic \’jam\’ recorded in 1968. A forth, \”Paradieswaerts Duulis\” – predating \”Disaster\”, and released on Ohr in 1970 – is a wholly different regrouping comprising just three songs and seemingly recorded at a much later date; certainly after Amon Düül\’s demise.

collectively: Peter Leopold; Ullrich Leopold; Rainer Bauer; Ella Bauer; Uschi Obermaier; Helge Filanda; Angelica Filanda; Krischke; Eleonora Romana.

AMON DÜÜL: KASKADOS MINNELEID from \”Psychedelic Underground\” LP (Metronome) 1969 (Germany)

DEJA BØNUS VU: AMON DÜÜL: EIN WUNDERHUBSCHES MÄDCHED TRÄUMT VON SANDOSA from \”Psychedelic Underground\” LP (Metronome) 1969 (Germany)


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