some velvet morning, 40 years ago

This version did not feature on Some Velvet Morning – Eleven Covers back in February over on the excellent How Marvellous, although Thin White Rope\’s definitive rendition did, alongside several other hitherto undiscovered gems. In hindsight, I am glad, since it provides me the opportunity to dig out this equally marvellous slowburning version of the Lee Hazlewood classic, from Vanilla Fudge\’s fourth album release which originally made #16 on the US Billboard charts.

Carmine Appice: drums, vocals; Tim Bogert: bass, vocals; Vince Martell: guitar, vocals; Mark Stein: lead vocals, keyboards.

Engineered by Eddie Kramer and Tony Bongiovi.

As a bonus bordering on excess, given the unseemly length of these jams, I have also included the Carmine Appice composition \”Where Is Happiness\” – engineered this time by Bob Hughes, and following directly on the back of \”Some Velvet Morning\” – to demonstrate how this original piece feeds off the group\’s exemplary Hazlwood reinterpratation.

It seems unfairly rude to edit the two into one somehow. Don\’t \”Bogert\” the joint.

VANILLA FUDGE: SOME VELVET MORNING from \”Near The Beginning\” LP (Atco) 1969 (US) VANILLA FUDGE: WHERE IS HAPPINESS from \”Near The Beginning\” LP (Atco) 1969 (US)


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