son of captain blood

A choice cut from what was originally envisioned as the double LP, \”Rat Patrol from Fort Bragg\”. Produced by Mick Jones prior to the in party squabbling which saw the raw material being passed to Glynn Johns, and whittled back to one double sided slab of vinyl, singular. Four songs, famously, were subsequently expunged on decommission – \”Cool Confusion\”; \”First Night Back in London\”; Beautiful People\”; and \”Kill Time\” – none of which concerns us, critically, here. The story of Sean Leslie Flynn, is convoluted and mired in rudely propogated evidence and anecdote.

The sole legitimate heir of swashbuckler, Errol – as a consequence of his marriage to Lila Dimita – Flynn Jr. was born in Los Angeles, California in May, 1941. After consenting to have the camera locked on him vicariously aged just fifteen, in the tv show \”The Errol Flynn Theatre\”, Flynn Jr. swiftly turned his back on Hollywood in the wake of his father\’s demise and exited stage left to Africa. To try his fortune, rather predictably, as safari guide and big game hunter.

I vaguely recall a Sunday Times article from the late 80s, where significant coverage was given to Flynn\’s Paris apartment being legally disinterred after some twenty-five years in absentia. Sean Flynn was not declared \’legally\’ dead until 1984, three years after being immortalized in \”Combat Rock\”. Such are the formalities. The dust infested trove behind closed shutters bore testament to a fittingly bygone era; those photographed artefacts – a shield of zebra skin, a yellowed ivory tusk – encapsulating not just French colonialism, but the ghost of Captain Blood as icon. Even in death, the celluloid spectre of Errol Flynn was a mere half stop away.

photographs, top, and immediately above: allan grant, may, 1961. THE CLASH: SEAN FLYNN from \”Rat Patrol From Fort Bragg\” 2 x LP Master (Bootleg) 1981 (UK)


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