spilt milk in rubber city

Produced in Cologne, Germany, by Brian Eno on the recommendation – in part – of chums Bowie and Pop, \”Q: Are We Not Men ? A: We Are Devo\”, the resulting album, eschewed the pummeling Geiger guitar mystery of Clevelanders, Pere Ubu in favor of instant self-gratification. Fiscally motivated, or just commercially astute, \”Come Back Jonee\” more than amply demonstrated that Devo shared no midwestern manifesto with those neighboring pioneers of \”The Modern Dance \” and \”Dub Housing\”. Slick, disposable. As kitschy as David Lynch on the Autobahn.

Gerald V. Casale: bass guitar, additional keyboards, lead vocals; Bob Mothersbaugh: lead guitar, backing vocals; Mark Mothersbaugh: keyboards, occasional guitar, lead vocals; Alan Myers: drums.

Produced by Brian Eno and Chuck Statler. Engineed by Patrick Gleeson and Conrad (Connie) Plank.

DEVO: COME BACK JONEE from \”Come Back Jonee b/w Social Fools\” 45 (Warner Bros. / Virgin) 1978 (US)


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