step we gaily…

\”Interlude: conversations at Hotel Rif and ‘Prelude #2′ from six preludes for piano, performed by Bennett Lerner. Curated by Claudia Gould and Stephen Frailey.\” Sadly missing, are the sounds of seagulls outside my window as I prepared this post. Their call punctuated \”The Garden\” very nicely, I thought. PAUL BOWLES: INTERLUDE / PRELUDE #2 from \”The Voices Of Paul Bowles\” Cassette (Tellus) 1989 (Morocco) PAUL BOWLES: THE GARDEN from \”The Voices Of Paul Bowles\” Cassette (Tellus) 1989 (Morocco) PLANET BOWLES


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punishment exercise, weblog version

Hello. I am still breathing, if you wondered at this latest absence. I needed to step back from the drop awhile, the empty space between the rails, to let the game play out. It has not been pretty for