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She was headed for the underground on the corner of Bridge Street and Norfolk Street. Before she even got there she began to resemble just another ant. A couple of comments under yesterday\’s post on Mo Diddley got me to thinking about Holmes Sterling Morrison Jr., and how his extraordinary contribution to proto-punk and avant-garde guitar noodling is almost uniformly overlooked. It did not help his case any that the Velvet Underground featured two guitarists from the very start, or that he is scarcely credited with playing his hand in the shaping of the group\’s early material; a shared writing credit on \”European Son\” from the first LP – thoroughly rehabilitated in collaboration with Dean Wareham and Sean Eden – and three more on \”White Light/White Heat\”, including the superlative \”Sister Ray\”. Nothing on their third outing with Doug Yule taking over from John Cale, and zero on 1970\’s \”Loaded\”.

A man stepping in and out of the underground at will. On or off the leash.

Oh. And my wife ? It seems she carefully divided that tobacco stash, after all. One half left neatly folded for me in a polythene sleeve next to the coffee pot; kettle; black. Imagine my guilt. I really ought to learn to rein in these misplaced homicidal urges before I shoot myself in the foot, or worse.


Written by Lou Reed and Sterling Morrison. Nico: vocals; Lou Reed: guitar; Sterling Morrison: guitar; Recorded at Mayfair Sound Studios, NYC, April 4th, 1967. Produced by Tom Wilson.


Written by Dean Wareham. Recorded at Right Track Studios, NYC. Produced by Luna and Victor Von Vugt. Guitar by Sterling Morrison.

NICO: CHELSEA GIRLS from \”Chelsea Girl\” LP (MGM) 1967 (US)

LUNA: FRIENDLY ADVICE from \”Bewitched\” LP (Elektra) 1994 (US) LUNA: GREAT JONES STREET from \”Bewitched\” LP (Elektra) 1994 (US)


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