stop the traffic

\”old woman resin\” by angela talbot.

hello, how are you?

this fear of being what they are: dead.

at least they are not out on the street, they are careful to stay indoors, those pasty mad who sit alone before their tv sets, their lives full of canned, mutilated laughter.

their ideal neighborhood of parked cars of little green lawns of little homes the little doors that open and close as their relatives visit throughout the holidays the doors closing behind the dying who die so slowly behind the dead who are still alive in your quiet average neighborhood of winding streets of agony of confusion of horror of fear of ignorance.

a dog standing behind a fence.

a man silent at the window.

Hello, How Are You ? Charles Bukowski.

Co-founder of Traffic, \”Mason is a proponent of music education for children. In 2005, he signed on as an official supporter of Little Kids Rock, a non-profit organization that provides free musical instruments and lessons to children in public schools throughout the U.S. He sits on the organization\’s board of directors as an honorary member.\”

Thank you to Gus for the MP3. DAVE MASON: LITTLE WOMAN from \”Little Woman b/w Just For You\” 45 (Island) 1968 (UK) OUT OF PRINT DAVE MASON OFFICIAL WEBSITE


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