straight edge | a slow return

He turned and looked straight down the road. There was a broken picket fence, a corral of rusty wire and paint, and he fumbled the wheel on his lighter. His eyes were green and blue and black, glittering, and he seemed half dead. \”None of it is linear,\” he said. \”The best of us travel interrupted.\” He sucked in and blew out and I followed his finger. Loose bridges and unstrung keys. The memory, just, of playing straight and upright. \”Everything swims in and out. The slow ones idle.\” He was smiling. A razor\’s edge between a gentleman\’s embrace and remorse. \”Some of them lose the will to bite. The luckiest ones slip out the womb with teeth.\” The hollow points in his eyeballs appeared touched by lunacy. Phosphorous discs writhing on a match. Everything else seemed not quite there. The above is a reedit of a short piece originally published on November 14th, 2008. I never felt that it properly caught the flame of the unsettled dream which preceded it. The following slice of The Groovies – a Cyril Jordan & Roy Loney composition – appeared there too; the link since dead as the result of my decision to silence DivShare. They still owe me $10. Debited from my account weeks after I closed my account. My decision to more or less rekindle the original content was prompted by a recent conversation with Holly and her account of Leather Nun on a 3 AM repeat. For those of you with an abiding interest in all things Groovy, their United Artists sessions were reissued on Skydog, and Norton Recs. in 2002. The original EP was produced by errant Rockpiler, Dave Edmunds.

FLAMIN\’ GROOVIES: SLOW DEATH from \”Famin\’ Groovies\” EP (United Artists) 1972 (US)


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