suzi quatro, little bitch runaway

BELL 1302.

Bubblegum glam prom queen, Suzi Quatro – born 1950, Detroit, Michigan – is kitsch godmother to Kim Fowley\’s punk Runaways and real life aunt to actress, Sherilyn Fenn.

In an ironic \’Twin Peaks\’ blurring of actual events, she is possibly more famous in the United States in her honorary role as the Fonz\’s girlfriend, Pinky Tuscadero\’s younger sister.

Discovered by Donovan\’s manager and producer, Mickie Most, Quatro was huge in the UK and Australia between 1973 – 1974. Recording for Most\’s RAK label, the original leather \’Little Bitch Blue\’ delivered a tidy string of Mike Chapman and Nicky Chinn produced hits, but despite extensive touring in her native U.S. as opening act for superstar, Alice Cooper, success in her homeland eluded her. Just as frustratingly, while she and long-serving guitarist, Len Tuckey – who Quatro married in 1976 – proved themselves capable as songwriting partners, it was Chapman & Chinn\’s label penned compositions which won promotion as singles and secured Most\’s team all the royalties.

Suzi Creamcheese Tuscadero. Fun. And a tight little ass.

Just don\’t let Henry Winkler catch me saying that.

SUZI QUATRO: CAN THE CAN from \”Can The Can b/w Ain\’t Ya Somethin\’ Honey\” 45 (RAK) 1973 (UK)

SUZI QUATRO: 48 CRASH from \”Suzi Quatro\” LP (RAK / Bell) 1974 (US / UK)



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