t in the park

twats in the park.

I\’m not a fan of music festivals, I must confess. There is something about queuing up in the rain to file into a huge open space flanked by portable toilets waiting to throw up their effluent which sets my teeth on edge.

Would you bed down on a concrete stable floor on minimum wages just to muck out for R.E.M. and the Verve ?

This weekend\’s \’T\’ in the Park festival in Balado, Kinross-Shire, Scotland is no exception. Rest assured, I shall not be there.

For a hilariously scathing – in the main – account of 1985\’s Live Aid fiasco, head over to Any Major Dude With Half A Heart. You won\’t be disappointed. And you can reLIVE it from the comfort of your very own sagging chair in front of your monitor.

Hunching curmudgeonly crab-like over a table in some dimly lit venue is infinitely more my style.

I do like Tennents\’ Lager, though.

And they\’ve banned consuming alcohol in public spaces, too. What is the world coming to ?


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