tad: jack pepsi ep

How can you possibly go wrong with an EP glorifying unsafe alcohol consumption and Wisconsin loner sociopath, Ed Gein ?

Well, you\’d better have deep pockets for a start, and not just roomy enough to stash a bottle of Jack Daniels in.

Produced and engineered by Doug Olson and Butch Vig for Sub Pop records, with impeccably entertaining illustration by Peter Bagge and design by Jane Higgins. Pepsi Cola sued both Seattle band, Tad and Sub Pop over the cover design and it was replaced with the John Deere tractor shot above. What a shame. One of the most provocative images of the 90\’s, I feel.

Especially given the shocking similarity between the Pepsi logo and the South Korean Coat of Arms.

Unfortunately, the copy I own is the reissue. Then again, it was a gift so who\’s complaining ? Great teenage loser anthems, too.

TAD: JACK PEPSI from \”Jack Pepsi\” EP (Sub Pop) 1991 (US)

TAD: EDDIE HOOK from \”Jack Pepsi\” EP (Sub Pop) 1991 (US)



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