teenage fanclub

school\’s out.

It\’s Friday. The weekend looms large. And here in Scotland, school\’s out for the summer holidays. Hooray ! So here\’s two from Glasgow\’s finest.

Listen out for the twisted Big Staresque guitar solo that closes \”The Concept\”, with echoes too of The Beatles\’ \”All You Need Is Love\”. Beautiful. This is for Art Decade\’s Big B, who seems to have slipped off the face of the planet recently. Where are you, dude ?

If you don\’t already own this album, I would seriously consider rectifying that sad situation.

TEENAGE FANCLUB: THE CONCEPT from \”Bandwagonesque\” LP/CD (Creation) 1992 (UK)

TEENAGE FANCLUB: STAR SIGN from \”Bandwagonesque\” LP/CD (Creation) 1992 (UK)



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