terence mckenna & timothy leary

\”In a dialog with Dr. Leary, Terence McKenna talks about smoking DMT, seeing the elves, aliens up the kazoo, and experimenting with mushrooms in the Amazon basin. Very cool music behind this.\”

The Trip Receptacles is an articulate and – let\’s all be serious – wildly entertaining site, but I haven\’t ventured down their path for a good while. Don\’t forget to take some bread crumbs ; you may find yourself taking so many funny turns you\’ll need a sherpa to get back.

TERENCE MCKENNA & DR. TIMOTHY LEARY: YOU GET ELVES, EVERYBODY DOES from \”Instant Insanity Drugs: The Trip Receptacles\” MP3 archive (KPFA Berkeley) ? (US)

Make mine an Owsley.


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