that was then, this is now

lewis pain: conspirator (with john wilkes boothe) in the assassination of abraham lincoln. thanks to gentlebear for the accreditation, and for clearing up the mystery.

I landed on the image above quite accidentally during a recent web trawl looking for something or other. I believe it is from the cover of a recent edition of 1975\’s \”Rumblefish\” by S.E. Hinton, originally published as a short story \”in the University of Tulsa literary journal Nimrod [1968] and later expanded into a novel.\” And Francis Ford Coppola\’s cinematic adaptation in 1983.

I first read Susan Eloise Hinton as a kid in primary school. That book was 1971\’s \”That Was Then, This Is Now\”, and I fell as hard for it then as any book by any author I have encountered since; and I drift inexorably towards senility. As an author for young adults, she was as relevant in the 1970s as J.D. Salinger was to an altogether earlier period. Salinger, let\’s not forget, has not published anything new since 1965. Strange as that might seem, given \”Catcher In The Rye\” has never been out of print and continues to sell in excess of one quarter of a million copies each and every year.

Let\’s agree not to mention Mark Chapman….

Damn. Too f@cking late.

\”Rusty-James… You\’re just like a ball in a pinball machine.\”

I first heard Harvey Mandel over on Art Decade. There is some oblique relevance here. Detroit born Harvey cut this – his first album – in the same year \”Rumblefish\” was issued in its more concise form. In 1975, when S.E. Hinton successfully published the expanded version, Mandel auditioned for The Rolling Stones as Mick Taylor\’s replacement; recording \”Memory Hotel\” for the album which would eventually be released as \”Black and Blue\”. You may also recall the Motorcycle Boy\’s own imperfect imitation of Christ as he strives to return a handful of flailing fish to the river on the east side in the climax to Coppola\’s film of the book. Tenuous, maybe, but I was unable to source Stewart Copeland\’s score, and I\’ve already inflicted Stan Ridgway on you all.

HARVEY MANDEL: WADE IN THE WATER from \”Cristo Redentor\” LP (Philips) 1968 (US)



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