the cat in a hat

the cat in a hat. the days before yusuf islam.

\” I Love My Dog\” on 45rpm, launched the Deram label – a subsidiary of Decca – to the British public in 1966, peaking at #27 on the Hit Parade. \”Matthew & Son\”, Cat\’s second single release, would make #2.

Produced by Mike Hurst. Released December 21st, 1966.

CAT STEVENS: MATTHEW & SON from \”Matthew & Son\” LP (Deram) 1966 (UK)

YUSUF ISLAM: CALL TO PRAYER (ADHAN)* from \”The Life Of The Last Prophet\” CD (Resurgence) 1995 (?)

* I have included this belatedly, since Friday is more apt for the subject of Islamic prayer. \”Yusuf Islam was born Cat Stevens in London in 1948, son of a Swedish mother and Greek Cypriot father. He embraced Islam in 1977 and chose the name Yusuf Islam.\” There you have it. Time to break out the Jack D. and risk \’fatwah\’. PURCHASE MATTHEW & SON


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