the heart which rules the head

artist unknown.

Not the Jerry Garcia led improvisation from the officially repackaged soundtrack, but two keyboard based outtakes from Richard Wright (one assumes, in concert with either Waters or Gilmour) as part of fifteen segments from those original sessions to the Antonioni classic which never made final cut. Tentative and archly fragile – reminiscent of Erik Satie, or Vladimir Cosma – the question immediately arises as to why they were ever excluded in the first instance.

Finally released as a bootleg of superior audio quality in 2004, these meditative explorations reveal a facet to Pink Floyd previously only hinted at in more reflective moments.

Unless, of course, you are already of the opinion that Pink Floyd spent quite enough of the 1970\’s noodling away in a corner specially reserved for the asinine and self-indulgent. I, too, am often in two minds; but ultimately I beg to differ.

PINK FLOYD: LOVE SCENE (PART ONE) from \”The Complete Zabriskie Point Sessions\” CD (Two Certain Somebodies) 1970/2004 (UK)

PINK FLOYD: LOVE SCENE (TAKE TWO) from \”The Complete Zabriskie Point Sessions\” CD (Two Certain Somebodies) 1970/2004 (UK)


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