the left banke

Baroque splendor from (lefte to right): Steve Martin (Caro) ; Rick Brand ; Mike Brown (Lookovsky) ; George Cameron ; and Tom Finn. The shot is from a Smash Records publicity still.

If you haven\’t yet checked out Charlemange\’s Left Banke fan site, follow the link permanently filed on the right of this page. You can find another Left Banke post here, previously on Art Decade.

THE LEFT BANKE: PRETTY BALLERINA* from \”Walk Away Renée/Pretty Ballerina\” LP (Smash) 1967 (US)

* I had already cued this one up and posted it when I belatedly recalled that Brendan over on The Rising Storm had got the jump on me (way back) and posted the song I had in mind first. Get it here. BUY IT


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