the mighty two ride alone with the voice of thunder

The Prince\’s \”Heavy Manners\” appeared as a 45 in 1976 on the Heavy Duty label, in addition to its release on the Joe Gibbs issued classic, \”Under Heavy Manners\”.

Errol Thompson, it might be argued, was a mixing innovator on a par with King Tubby; long before Home Town Hi-Fi was in business, Thompson was justly celebrated for his groundbreaking work out of Randy\’s Studio 17. Much of the Kingston Sound was recorded, mixed and overdubbed at Randy\’s before making its way onto vinyl.

Joel Arthur Gibson originally ran an electrical repair outlet in downtown Kingston.

While television repairs and sales provided a lucrative income, Gibbs was quick to tap into the burgeoning market for homegrown music. By 1967 he graduated from simply selling records in store to producing local talent directly on the premises. Establishing a fairly crude two-track recording facility in the back of his shop, Gibbs recruited Lee Perry into providing creative and technical support. Just one year later, he was sufficiently encouraged by the result to finance and launch the Amalgamated label in association with Bunny Lee. A commercial showcase for the rocksteady sound then much in demand. Scoring a string top ten hits as far afield as the UK, Gibbs consolidated his position by launching three more labels. In terms of creating a monopoly, it was something akin to one entrepreneur owning majority shares in Parlophone; Decca; and PYE. A one man hit machine.

By 1972 Joe Gibbs opened a new studio in Retirement Crescent, Kingston 5, in partnership with Erol Thompson. The one man hit maker became the \”The Mighty Two\”, between them responsible for producing over one hundred Jamaican No. 1 bestsellers. Backed by Kingston 5 session players, the Professionals – including original members of the Upsetters and the Aggrovators – the artists appearing on Joe Gibbs Records between 1972 and 1977 included Denis Brown; Big Youth; Black Uhuru; Junior Byles; Gregory Isaacs; and Culture. And many of the names already featured in this series.

Joe Gibbs suffered a fatal cardiac arrest February 21st, 2008.

24 Retirement Crescent, Kingston 5: \”The Golden Sound of the West Indies\”

original Joe Gibbs Studio mastertape. http://www.princefari.com

PRINCE FAR I: HEAVY MANNERS from \”Under Heavy Manners\” LP (Joe Gibbs) 1976 (Jamaica)


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