the night before the night before the night

\”Desperation is the raw material of drastic change… Only those who can leave behind everything they have ever believed in can hope to escape.\”

william s. burroughs

\”An Experimental Approach to Understanding Burnt Fish Bone\”.

It was the ballad of the burnt fish bone, an obtuse riddle at best, which took Pablo Dillinger and Jody the Hat over the edge and out to the island.

     The hull of their boat was painted red on the outside.      Crudely carved out of soot blackened planks saved from the church fire. Pegged together without finesse.      If the paint was an afterthought then so was the sail, strung rather than rigged through sad masts, the pair of them hunched under it at the oars like two crows in a half destroyed nest. Frantically rowing in spite of a robust wind.      The Hat peered out across the water and spat into the palm of one hand, the oar falling back in its pivot.      Pablo Dillinger let out a curse.      Tortured more by the waves lapping up between exposed channels running the length of the boat than outraged by his comrade.      Terrified lest they go under.      To perish there among the crabs and anemone sewn across the dark seabed.

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