the pig\’s whisker

A Robin Williamson composition; perhaps the most outstanding of those previously unreleased demos produced by Joe Boyd, and finally issued in 1997. Much of the material here was ultimately re-recorded for 1968\’s magnificent \”5,000 Spirits or the Layers of an Onion\” and \”Wee Tam & The Big Huge\” – released through Elektra – but these original versions offer serious competition to their more lushly arranged definitive counterparts.

Spare and hauntingly elegant in execution, Boyd was not compelled here to contend with the exotic layering of instruments which would later play an integral part in the String Band\’s sound.

Also captured in these sessions is the eerie, \”God Dog\” – released by Shirley Collins with sister, Dolly – and \”Lover Man\”, which Mike Heron allegedly penned for – or simply gifted to – fellow Scot, Al Stewart.

For the uninitiated, Pig\’s Whisker Music is the label founded by Williamson and wife, Bina to promote and distribute their joint ventures.

THE INCREDIBLE STRING BAND: SEE YOUR FACE AND KNOW YOU from \”The Chelsea Sessions, 1967\” CD (Pig\’s Whisker Music) 1997 (UK)


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