the ruts: cracked and stained

rut 1: a random draft resuscitated.

\”No, I haven\’t lost the plot, and I know Friday night looms like a greasy moon waxing for kicks and wholehearted immersion. I should be cueing up Big Star and looking out a freshly ironed shirt.

Turning a cheek in the bathroom mirror and attacking that spot.

Some months back, Joe Stumble announced on Last Days Of Man On Earth that Paul Fox of the Ruts had succumbed to a cancer some 27 years after Malcolm Owen\’s fatal overdose. I was genuinely saddened by the news. Not least because it almost made me mourn for my youth in a way nothing else could touch. There were only 1000 copies of this 45 pressed and I have one of them.

The Ruts D.C. was the partially obscured legend, an open invitation to a brotherhood of tainted blood and a sibling regret.\”

It\’s Sunday morning. The weekend is dead.

THE RUTS: IN A RUT from \”In A Rut b/w H-Eyes\” 45 (People Unite) 1978 (UK) THE CRACK


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