"the sky falls in!"

\”Oh, wicked, wicked DMCA Takedown Notice!

It\’s probably just as well I took the precaution of backing up all my posts. Oh, dear! On the run-up to Christmas, too!

And to think, the artist which caused all this consternation has been dead now for a number of years… It\’s those industry executives I feel for; oh really, I do!! Grey suits are so expensive these days.\”

Chicken Little begins to ramble: \”…Honestly, I wouldn\’t have minded. I wouldn\’t have been so concerned if whoever was so mad had simply e-mailed me and asked me to remove a file. I do so like amicable solutions. That way, too, I wouldn\’t feel like so much like somebody much bigger was trying to gag me; they deleted all my thoughts in the blink of a chicken little eye. Oh, dear! Oh, my! Whatever shall we do ?\”

That Chicken Little. He\’s an excitable little f@cker. If this goes on, I\’ll just have to start asking every visitor to hum along in the vague hope that they\’re familiar with the tune. illustration by ib.



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