third ear band: alchemy

detail from \”the path of life\” by hieronymus bosch. 1485 – 1490. shutters to \”the haywain triptych\”, oil on wood.

alchemical mines and the theory of distillation.

Cello, Performer [Slide Pipes]; Mel Davis Oboe, Recorder; Paul Minns Tabla, Drums, Wind Chimes; Glen Sweeney Violin, Viola; Richard Coff

\”Alchemists used the distillation chamber or \”still\” to duplicate what they thought was taking place underground in the mines where gold or gems form. The still was called the \”womb\” after the goddess.\”

Released in the same year they opened festivities for the Rolling Stones Free Concert at Hyde Park on 5th July 1969, Third Ear Band\’s debut proper – they previously recorded a session in 1968 for Ron Geesin which was released under the pseudonym of The National-Balkan Ensemble on one side of a Standard Music Library LP – comes across as experimental free-form for those intent on chasing after the Philosopher\’s Stone in the thick of an autumnal trip.

extract and symbol key from an alchemical text: kenelm digby \”a choice collection of rare secrets\” (1682)

See, what did I mention previously with regards to hippie shit and punks ? Any more of that and I\’ll be forced to change my name to Gandalf the Grey, or the hobbit with a habit at the very least. One just can\’t get the staff these days, but I do try to always wield a big stick.

Just be thankful I\’m not intent on bludgeoning all and sundry into a coma with \”A Farewell To Kings\” or something equally preposterous. It could be a whole lot worse. For enhanced credibility, even veteran dj, John Peel gets in on the act with a Jews\’ Harp cameo on side two of this enjoyable romp through shaded celtic groves. Vintage Acid Folk. THIRD EAR BAND: GHETTO RAGA from \”Alchemy\” (Harvest EMI) 1969 (UK) [LINK REMOVED, BY REQUEST]


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