tilting at windmills, signor cervantes

\”The drawing was made on August 10, 1955 for the August 18-24 issue (No. 581) of Les LETTRES françaises, a weekly French journal directed by Aragon, in celebration of the 350th anniversary of the publication of Don Quixote, Part I. The journal presented articles (p 1, 9-11) by José Bergamín, Jean Marcenac, Antoine Adam, Alice Ahrweiler, and Pierre Darmangeat, and in a small headline on its first page proudly announced “Un document exclusif: Don Quichotte vu par Picasso.”

Continental LPP-21.

Luiz Bonfá: guitar; João Donato: accordion; Antônio Carlos Jobim: piano; Altamiro Carrilho: flute; Claudio: violin; Quinidio Teixeira: tenor sax; João Stockler: drums; Vidal: bass; Galhardo: bass.

LUIZ BONFÁ: VIOLĀO NO SAMBA from \”Luiz Bonfá\” LP (Continental) 1955 (Brazil) PURCHASE LUIZ BONFÁ


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