toasting the black

Even with the windows flung wide on a clear late afternoon sky, and a hangover pining for a cloud to skate away on.

Hank Williams slumped in a corner under a folded deck of cards and Charles Bukowski alone on the barstool with his cardboard suitcase and a glass of warm, flat Corona. Uncle Sam\’s \”The Wild Bunch\” playing on a black and white portable tv behind the pretzels on the bar.

An emaciated cat with eyes like pesos waiting for the penny to drop; the jukebox to skip, and the whores to roll on in.

\”Wait for the [upcoming] album is shortened by the digital release of the singles “Our Love is Smoking” and “I’m So Lonesome I Could Cry” and corresponding music videos: the first filmed by Gerald Foster and directed by Vanessa Ly and the second animated by Michael David Friend and directed by Shoja Azari.\”

Is that a glockenspiel in there just before the lugubrious long horns lurch in ?

God bless their pretty clatter and peal. As bright as tiny slivers of ice.

ELECTRIC BLACK: REIGN THE NIGHT from \”I\’m So Lonesome I Could Cry b/w Reign The Night\” 45 (Mad Apple Music) 2009 (US)



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