toilet love

the patented o®eaganomics toilet synthesizer.

From Oreaganomics latest issue, \”The Red Velvet Sessions\”; produced by Andrew Small and available to download exclusively on CLLCT.

I was chatting with an Oreaganomic late last night. What with wildly conflicting time zones, etc, I found it quite impossible to get a handle on what hour of day or night it was in Oreaganoville. The chain got pulled on our conversation before I reminded myself to ask whether their patented Toilet Synthesizer™ appears on this rather excellent number.

Well. One has to admire the ingenuity.

The above photograph didn\’t drop in my mailbox til later. Scarily Keith Emerson.

\”if that shit falls on me,

it\’s gonna fall on you too.\”

– SJB.

OREAGANOMICS: CHI OF LOVE from \”Red Velvet Sessions\” LP (Self Released / CLLCT) 2010 (US)


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