topanga windows. california, 1968

shelly duvall. photographer unknown.

Some cooling breeze of FM airtime from Los Angeles, 1968, with an eclectic psychedelic mix. Randy California: guitar, vocals; Mark Andes: bass; Ed Cassidy: drums; John Locke: keyboards. Produced by Lou Adler. Listen to the opening lines on \”Taurus\” and tell me Jimmy Page didn\’t listen to this. Travelling the Sunset Strip with a collective sound not far removed from The Doors, teenager California and stepfather, Mr. Skin were soon to take a more pronounced jazz detour. \”Mechanical World\”, lifted from the album, was the single which did much to generate initial interest.

SPIRIT: FRESH-GARBAGE from \”Spirit\” LP (Ode) 1968 (US)

SPIRIT: TOPANGA WINDOWS from \”Spirit\” LP (Ode) 1968 (US)

SPIRIT: TAURUS from \”Spirit\” LP (Ode) 1968 (US)



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