tortoise |ˈtɔːtəs, -tɔɪz|

crooked dub

tortoise (n.)
1350-1400; variant of earlier (15th-century) tortuse, tortose, tortuce, Middle English tortuca < Medieval Latin tortūca, for Late Latin tartarūcha (feminine adj.) of Tartarus (< Greek tartaroûcha), the tortoise being regarded as an infernal animal; Medieval Latin form influenced by Latin tortus crooked, twisted (see tort)

 Recorded and mixed at Idful Music Corporation, Chicago 

Illinois, November 29 through December 5, 1993.

TORTOISE: TIN CANS & TWINE from \”Tortoise\” CD Thrill Jockey (THRILL-013) (US) TORTOISE: CORNPONE BRUNCH from \”Tortoise\” CD Thrill Jockey (THRILL-013) (US) 1994

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