track 4 probe

ab•scess |ˌabsɪs| |-sɛs| noun a swollen area within body tissue, containing an accumulation of pus.

ORIGIN mid 16th cent.: from Latin abscessus ‘a going away,’ from the verb abscedere, from ab- ‘away from’ + cedere ‘go,’ referring to the elimination of infected matter via the pus.

Hmmm. I seem to have developed an abscess.

My doctor has prescribed a short course of antibiotics – a penicillin blitzkrieg – but I fear a more invasive approach may ultimately be required. An excision. A sharpening of knives.

This, of course, only goes some way to justifying my escalating reluctance to adhere to the discipline of 24 hour posting; the everyday chore of scratching an irascible itch.

I have been listening to a lot of James Brown and Curtis Mayfield of late, as previous posts suggest. I potter about rather aimlessly between gulping down 500mg gelatin capsules as inviting as horse tranquilizers, and mixing effervescing cocktails of Jaap\’s Health Salts and Berocca infusions (like something named after a character in the arcade fighting game, \”Mortal Kombat\”) to alleviate the resulting heartburn and general sense of feeling a little under the weather. I enjoyed the respite of a minor operation on the NHS involving the removal of a Pilinoidal Sinus several years ago; that was a pain in the ass too, but not so lamentably close to the bone. Just this morning an attractive young female doctor prodded at me – with what I perceived to be quite understandable reluctance – as I sprawled, legs akimbo, on an examining table; a paper sheet arranged ridiculously over my genitals. A more exhibitionistic personality may well have enjoyed the experience. As it was, I felt bad enough for the two of us.

I can think of nothing in my record collection which neatly wraps up the situation. If, indeed, there is something quietly lurking there, I don\’t wish to dwell on it. Or labour the point. This is as close to having my ankles up in stirrups as I ever want to go, quite frankly. To quote an old chestnut: \”For god\’s sake, nurse, I said prick his boil!\” Other than that, dear siblings, things are suitably swell. LFO: LFO (LEEDS WAREHOUSE MIX) from \”LFO b/w Track 4 Probe (The Cuba Edit)\” 12\” (W.A.R.P. Records) 1990 (UK)


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