travelling with demons, 5:9 – 8:34

Protect me from the mangled utterances of witchfinders and the convoluted, the diapered rebuke of incontinent dribblers. Flycatchers and the sanctimonious;

\”My name is Legion, and we speak for the many.\”

Protect me from rulers smiting down the left hand. Churchwardens waxing promiscuously. Deliver me on those days when the postman strikes, dyslexic, slovenly and ambidextrous.

\”My name is Legion, and we speak on behalf.\” Protect me from arbiters of moral diseconomy, ambulance chasers and the self-deluded; social workers, priests and customs investigators, the recently excised or circumscribed. \”My name is Legion, and we are fewer than before.\”

main picture: aramaic book script, mesopotamia, overlaid on hamesh; \’protection from the evil eye\’.


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