vince guaraldi: joe cool

\”Born in San Francisco on July 17, 1928, Vince Guaraldi graduated from Lincoln High School and then San Francisco State College. Guaraldi was already performing while in college in such venues as the Black Hawk and Jackson\’s Nook, sometimes with the Chubby Jackson/Bill Harris band, other times in combos with Sonny Criss and Bill Harris. He did minor gigs as well, such as weddings. Guaraldi\’s first recorded work can be heard on \”Vibratharpe,\” a 1953 release by the Cal Tjader Trio.\”

WS 1747.

Produced, Written and arranged by Vince Guaraldi. Featuring Carl Burnett on drums; Stanley Gilbert on bass; and Eddie Duran on electric guitar. With Vince Guaraldi on piano and electric harpsichord.

If you\’re hankering after a funkier \”Joe Cool\” helping of 70\’s Guaraldi, check out this older post of Mike\’s on Art Decade.

For those of you alienated by the Schmaltz – sorry, Schulz – tough.

VINCE GUARALDI TRIO: LINUS AND LUCY from \”A Boy Named Charlie Brown\” LP (Columbia) 1969 (US)

VINCE GUARALDI TRIO: RED BARON from \”Oh, Good Grief!\” LP (Warner Bros.) 1968 (US)

VINCE GUARALDI TRIO: PEPPERMINT PATTY from \”Oh, Good Grief!\” LP (Warner Bros.) 1968 (US)



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