vorsprung durch technik

Written and produced by Florian Schneider and Ralf Hütter. Percussion by Wolfgang Flür; violin, guitars by Klaus Roeder.

Engineered by Konrad Plank. Recorded at Conny\’s Studio & Mobile Equipment.

On a grimmer note, police are today examining CCTV footage after a ten-year-old boy resisted an attempted abduction last night in the south side of Glasgow, when a man attempted to coerce him into a car as he walked home through the Gorbals. The incident took place no more than several hundred yards from two primary schools within the area. Although understandably traumatized, the boy was otherwise unscathed.

For details, see here. Excuse me while I look out Ry Cooder\’s \”Vigilante Man\”.


Subsequent reports now reveal the above incident to have been mere \”horseplay\”. Horseshit, more like. There is a lesson in there clearly. Good thing too \”Vigilante Man\” ultimately eluded me. The whole thing leaves a bad taste in the mouth like a tale from the deeper south. Probably he was simply late for his dinner.

Now I feel compelled to uproot Billie Holiday\’s take on Abel Meeropol\’s \”Strange Fruit\”.

KRAFTWERK: AUTOBAHN from \”Autobahn\” LP (Philips) 1974 (Germany)


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