vote for miles

There. That was easy, wasn\’t it, brothers and sisters ?

Oh, shit. Is there a doctor in the house ?

Engineered by Stan Tonkel and Russ Payne. Additional musicians include: Herbie Hancock; Chick Corea; Jack DeJohnette; John McLaughlin; Billy Hart; Collin Walcott; Dave Liebman; Badal Roy; Badal Roy; Carlos Garnett.

\”It is, in fact, pretty cold everywhere, but it is a coldness of rage at the very heart’s death. If Miles seemed to be losing his capacity to feel, he only predicted what would soon begin to happen to all of us.\”

Lester Bangs, revised opinion on \”On The Corner\”, 1981.

Inspired, it now clearly seems, by it coming to my attention that a man was shot three times in London, England for having the temerity to wear a t-shirt proclaiming his support for U.S. Senator Barack Obama.

Outside a shop on the corner.

MILES DAVIS: VOTE FOR MILES from \”On The Corner\” LP (Columbia) 1972 (US) PURCHASE ON THE CORNER REMASTERED LESTER BANGS: \”FREE JAZZ / PUNK ROCK\”; MUSICIAN MAGAZINE * * Lester Bangs, \”published by Musician Magazine towards the end of 1979, and included in neither Psychotic Reactions and Carburetor Dung (edited by Greil Marcus and published by Vintage Books in 1987) nor Mainlines, Blood Feasts and Bad Taste (edited by John Morthland and published by Anchor Books in 2003).\”


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