VS 184: out to lunch

sex sans sid.

Written by Steve Jones; Glen Matlock; Paul Cook; Johnny Rotten. Recorded at Wessex Studios, London.

Produced by Chris Thomas and Bill Price.

F@ck me! Not only is our Glen sporting jumbo chords, he\’s also the spitting f@cking image of Alan Partridge. Sadly, too, my own dodgy \’do hasn\’t changed much either. Now. Just keep suckin\’.

michael footnote #2:

Of course, it is impossible to think of this song outside the visual reference of the accompanying video footage featuring Sid, but his contribution to the tumbling wall of sound was, from all accounts, practically nil. According to Glen Matlock, the riff was originally inspired by listening to Abba\’s \”S.O.S.\” played over a transistor radio in Malcolm McLaren\’s shop on the Kings Road.

SEX PISTOLS: PRETTY VACANT from \”Pretty Vacant b/w No Fun\” 45 (Virgin) 1977 (UK)



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