wash and go

I grew up with this song. An overly dramatic changeling from the start, easily given to outbursts of melancholia bordering on the derisively maudlin.

Originally released as a 45 on Monument in 1964, next to \”Running Scared\” this has has always been my favourite Roy Orbison moment; the David Lynch movie, \”Blue Velvet\” did little to alter that fact. It peaked at No. 9 (revolution) on the Billboard Charts, but made the No. 1 spot here in the UK, where record buyers may have been fewer in number but made up for it by being more attuned to quiet desperation. Something to do with the rain, probably.

Composed – in the operatic sense – by Roy Orbison and Bill Dees.

I\’ve been saving this for a while. Like that last cigarette in the packet.

ROY ORBISON: IT\’S OVER from \”It\’s Over b/w Indian Wedding\” 45 (Monument) 1964 (US)



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