wh@ck the dudes, now…

\”And Wendy\’s stealing clothes from marks & sparks And Freddy\’s got spots from ripping off the stars from his face… funky little boat race.\”

David Bowie.

Well. The DMCA strikes again. This article originally appeared on 22/08/08. It is reprinted here in its entirety, sans an expanded verse or two from Bowie\’s lyric and – what I assume were – those offending links. The two songs which accompanied the post were Mott The Hoople\’s 45 version of \”All the Young Dudes\”, from the album of the same title released in 1972 on CBS, and Bowie\’s demo from \”The Alladin Sane\” sessions which is available on the \”RarestOneBowie\” RCA release. Unfortunately, unless I were to simply import the piece and republish retrospectively (according to its time-stamp) I am not able to reproduce comments – of which there were several – without resorting to cut and paste. Also absent are the purchasing links.

david bowie: just watch me now.

ian hunter, from barber\’s chair to a window seat on death row.

\”Keeping the thread running from yesterday, Mott The Hoople\’s massive 1972 hit was of course written and produced by David Bowie. With its viscerally accurate portrayal of juvenile delinquency like tv photo-montage, all that was required to catapult his \”Alladin Sane\” session demo – custom fit for the Hoople – into instant home brewed classic was the trademark insouciance of Mott\’s Ian Hunter and the rest of his commercially neglected crew.

Aside from The Clash\’s \”White Man In Hammersmith Palais\”, this 45 contains the most fantastic and snidiest laugh ever committed to vinyl.

Feel it. Good times.\”

ib, 22/08/08.

Picture credits: photographers unknown. Skinhead from the photoshoot for the 1970 cult NEL paperback of the same name, by Richard Allen.


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